(advanced NDT-Bobath course)

 22.10.2016 – 29.10.2016(64 didhours)


The NDT-Bobath pre-speech course is an advanced NDT-Bobathcourse that provides and deepens the knowledge of the participants concerning topics on pediatric dysphagia (evaluation and management), respiration, phonation, articulation and communication in infants and children with cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular involvement. Participants should be certified speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists or doctors having completed their pediatric basic NDT-Bobath course. Speech therapists will have priority of registration. 

This particular course is designed to function as an international course for both therapists and assistant tutors and the official language will be English. The course will be held in the beautiful city of Warsaw. 


The total number of participants will be limited.  


Topics covered:


      short refresher course on facilitation

      pulmonary / respiratory topics (respiratory kinesiology, evaluation, management

      topics on gastroenterology, GERD

      Short course: neonates – infants, breastfeeding / bottle feeding, facilitation in infants, NICU 

      Short course: VFSS & FEES, investigation tools in pediatric dysphagia

      non-oral feeding, weaning of rhino gastric tube/gastrostomy

      evaluation / classification of communication abilities

      Augmentative / alternative communication

      Short course: Bayley III scales

      phonation, evaluation / management

      developmental dysarthria, evaluation / management

      developmental verbal dyspraxia, evaluation / management

      practical work with children and babies, clinical reasoning



Main lecturer: Dore Blom, Speech therapist, Senior NDT-Bobathtutor

The course price is 1000Euro.


Registration begins this October 10, 2015


The organizer is 

Mrs. Maria Osinska

Unlimited slots left.
22. - 29.10.2016